Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve the Clubhouse?
How is my Assessment used?
What is my Assessment; when/where do I pay it?
When is the Annual Homeowners meeting?
Who do I contact if I want to purchase a lot?
How do I get a key to the pool & exercise room?
How do I get approval for a change to my home or lot?
Where can I find the utility providers for my home?


To reserve the clubhouse,
1) check the calendar and see if the date is available,
2) complete the Usage Agreement found below
3) send the completed Usage Agreement and a check payable to HHHOA for the $50 non-refundable rental fee and another check for the $100 refundable security deposit to:
Hidden Hills HOA
P. O. Box 4388
Brandon, MS 39047

NOTE: Your reservation is NOT assured until the required forms and checks have been received! If you need further information, contact HOA Manager at 769-524-7358 or email

Conditions for Using the Clubhouse.pdf

Email Link to HOA Clubhouse (
Assessments are used to pay for the budgetary expenses to maintain the neighborhood. A portion of each assessment is used to pay for street lighting, pool upkeep, irrigation, debt reduction for the clubhouse, common area maintenance, and administrative services. The breakdown of the 2018 Budgeted Expenses totaling $153,461 is graphically displayed in the attached file:

View/Download attached file
The Annual Hidden Hills Homeowners' Assessment is set at $368 per lot -- developed or not developed. If you own the lot it is your responsibility. The Assessment is due January 1st of each year with a $30 discount if paid in full by January 31. You have the option of making 2 payments; $184 due January 1st and $184 on July 1st - a total of $368 with no discount being allowed. A 30 day grace period is allowed after which the entire balance becomes due PLUS a $75 late fee. Additional delay will result in interest charges, court costs, legal fees and eventually a property lien.

Payment can be made in person at the Clubhouse, or at the annual homeowners' meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of January or mailed to:
Hidden Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 4388
Brandon, MS 39047
The annual meeting of the Hidden Hills Homeowners Association membership is held at 7:00 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of January. All lot owners are members and encouraged to attend.
Contact an approved Hidden Hills builder or your Realtor.
New residents will receive a key to the pool and exercise room in their Welcome Packet. For everyone else:
1) Be current in your Assessments
2) Contact HOA Office at 769-524-7358 or email,
3) Fill out the required forms (See Forms)

Replacement keys are $20. Only one key is provided per household.
Any additions, remodels, or lot improvements (fencing, pools, retaining walls, etc) must be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). For more information, refer to the Rules & Covenants section.
Following are the utility service providers (phone, gas, electric, water, etc.) and phone numbers and the contact info of certain Rankin County Departments.

View/Download attached file

Events and Activities



See the EVENTS & ACTIVITIES pages for more about:
Every other Monday - Girl Scouts Meeting - Check with Tricia Harris

Second Tuesday - Board of Directors Meeting
Second Thursday- Men's Limit Poker Night
Third Thursday - Ladies' Game Night
Fourth Thursday - Men's No Limit Poker Night


For Clubhouse Reservations check the Full Calendar link below. You will find the forms under the "Forms and Rules" heading.



ARC Applications can be submitted to









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