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2022 Board Nominations, Christmas Decoration Prizes,
Pet laws, Upcoming Events

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November Events, Halloween Decoration Awards, Mailbox Abuse, Pool Volunteer Thank You.

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October Yard of the Month, ARC Info, Trick or Treat

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September YOM, Facebook Info, School's in Session,

ARC info on backyards

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School's Back!

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4th Parade, ARC forms and diagrams, Pool, Assessments

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June Events, Yard of the Month, Board Meeting, Architectural Review Committee Request, Pool Season

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May events, Yard of the Month, Board Meeting, Pool Season

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Easter Egg Hunt, April Yard of the Month, April Board Meeting, Pool Volunteers, Noise Covenant

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March Board Meeting, Pool Volunteers,
Past Due Assessments, Spring Sprucing Up,
ARC Guidelines, Committee Members Needed

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New Board, pool season, past due assessments, volunteers wanted.

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2021 Board nominees, Annual Meeting, Assessments Due, Christmas Decoration Winner

December 2020 Newsletter

2021 Board Member nominations, Parks Family thank you,
ARC members needed, Christmas decorators needed
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Board Members Needed, VOTE, Political Signs, Vetgerans' Day, Pet Leash Law
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Trick 'r Treat, Yard of the Month, Political Signs, Garage Sale
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September YOM, Political Signs, Halloween, Pool
September 2020 Newsletter

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Board Meeting, Yard of the Month, Past Due Assessments, Pool use, Exercise Room use, ARC guidelines, Golf Carts, Clubhouse Parking
August 2020 Newsletter

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4th Parade, July YOM, 2nd Half Assessments, Pool Use, ARC applications, Exercise Room Use, Golf Cart Use, Clubhouse Parking

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Yard of the Month, Pool Usage, Exercise Room, ARC, Annual Assessments, Food Events, Clubhouse Parking
June 2020 Newsletter

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May Yard of the Month, Pool & Exercise Room Closed,
Food Events Schedule, Pool Fob Pickup, 2020 Grads

April 2020 Newsletter

Clubhouse, Pool, and Exercise Room CLOSED due to COVID-19 pandemic, Yard of the Month, May Garage Sale, Yard Cleaning Tips

March 2020 Newsletter

Daylight Savings Time, New Pool/Exercise Room lock, Pool volunteers, Neighborhood traffic issues, Spring Garage Sale
March 2020 Newsletter.pdf

February 2020 Newsletter

Pool Committee Volunteers, Past Due Assessments, Reporting Stop Sign Violations, Spring Garage Sale

January 2020 Newsletter

Board Meeting Change, Annual Homeowners Meeting,
Christmas Decoration Winners, New Board/Committee members wanted, Proxy Forms, Annual Assessment, Electronic Payments, Annual Meeting Requirement, Fences

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On-line Payments, Board Meeting Change, Christmas Decorating Contest, Kid's Christmas Party, 2020 Annual Assessment Set, Board Members Wanted

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Set clocks back, Vote Nov. 5th, Veteran's Recognition Day, Veterans' Day Breakfast, Online Assessment Payments, 2020 Board Members, Holiday Parking, Fences, Clubhouse Rental

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Garage Sale, Online Payments, October YOM, Halloween, Fences

September 2019 Newsletter

YOM, Parking, Credit Card Payments
September 2019 Newsletter

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Tailgate Grill & Chill, Back to School, Vote, August YOM, Mailboxes, Fences, Pool Rules

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July 4th Parade, School Supply Drive, Tailgate Grill & Chill, Election Signs, Pool Rules, July Yard of the Month, ARC Guidelines, Fences, Street Parking

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Pool rules, Speeders beware, ARC Guidelines, Street Parking, Spring Yard Cleaning, Fences

May 2019 Newsletter

Garage Sale, May YOM, ARC, Neighborhood concerns, Stop signs, Spring cleaning, Fences.

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April YOM, Easter Egg Hunt, Spring Yard Cleaning

March 2019 Newsletter

Garage Sale Date, Tentative 2019 Hidden Hills Events, Pool Volunteers, Daylight Savings, ARC Guidelines, Past Due Assessments

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Valentines, Holiday Decorations, Pool Refinished, Yard Maintenance, Pool Committee, Late Assessment Payments

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Annual Homeowners Meeting! Annual Assessment, Proxies, ARC Guidelines, Christmas Decoration Winners

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Christmas Party, Christmas Decorating Contest, 2019 Board Nominations, Pet Leash Law, Annual Assessment

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Vote!, Sign Covenant, Halloween Decoration Winners, 2019 Board Elections, Ladies' Game Night, Rental Covenant

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Yard of the Month, Garage Sale, 2019 Board, Halloween, Signs, Dogs, Ladies Game Night

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YOM, Garage Sale, Facebook Usage, Covenants

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Poker, Girl Scouts Resume, Mailbox Repair, Fall Garage Sale

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4th Parade, 2nd half Assessment, Pool Rules

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Safety Fair, 2nd Half Assessment, Pool Rules, Etc!

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October Newsletter

September Update - 2015

August Update - 2015

July Update - 2015

July 4th Issue

The clubhouse office will be closed Friday, July 3. Keep your pets safe during the fireworks! See who was selected YOM and other announcements. We hope you all have a great 4th of July.

Mid-June Newsletter

Summer is in full swing and Hidden Hills is bustling with activity. From family vacations, baseball, 4th of July activities, to lazy days by the pool or beach, we hope you all have a safe and fun-filled summer.

To that end, exercise caution when driving our streets. Watch for children at play. Abide by the rules of the road and STOP at stop signs. Speeding through a residential neighborhood can be deadly! If you see reckless driving, contact the Rankin County Sheriff's Office immediately at 601-825-1480.

Keep our children safe by ensuring the gate closes behind you when entering or leaving the pool area. The gate was left open last week. A small child could have wandered into the pool, so let's all be alert.

POLITICAL SIGNS: Support the candidate of your choice, but political signs cannot be displayed until 30 days prior to the election. July 5th is the date signs are allowed in Hidden Hills. Signs cannot be larger than four (4) square feet, and should be removed within five (5) days following the election.

Recently the Board of Directors became aware of some dumping of tree limbs and stumps on the cemetery property in Hidden Hills. This is highly disrespectful. The cemetery is private property and trespassing should be avoided. If you have limbs to dispose of, contact Rankin County at 601-825-1475 and they will send a truck to pick up the debris.

Visit our NEW website at

June 2015 Newsletter

Yard of the Month honors
New Website is now live!
How to Reserve the Clubhouse
ARC Review - Covenant Corner
Join Leadership Hidden Hills

Leadership Hidden Hills - From the Board of Directors

May 27, 2015 - Hidden Hills is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We have great schools, both public and private, lots of recreational activities, a close proximity to churches, shopping, restaurants, and the best medical facilities in the state.

Hidden Hills is also home to many outstanding people who have leadership positions and serve in many social and business groups in our community.

One rewarding opportunity for people who want to serve is in our own subdivision. We want to attract residents to serve Hidden Hills. We urge you to volunteer and be a part of Leadership Hidden Hills. Help to make this an even better place to live. Help to make your own home more valuable.

This group would be invited to attend board meetings, become familiar with the actions of the subdivision, and ask questions at designated times during the board meetings.

We need Hidden Hills’ homeowners who want to make a difference. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Please call Pat at 769-524-7358 to join Leadership Hidden Hills.

May 2015 - Update

Read about the alligator captured in Hidden Hills! Announcements, No Swim Zone, and Covenant Corner - Mowing, Garbage Cans, and Parking.

May 2015 Newsletter

This month's issue has the Yard of the Month (congratulations to our residents Justin & Jill Gordon), announcements, how to reserve the clubhouse, pool info, and Covenant Corner - permitted signs.

April Update - Pool Rules

Included in this issue - Summary of board meeting discussion on security lighting, retention ponds, abuse of swim privileges, and mowing. Also, an application is required for all exterior changes, including storage buildings. Pool rules are also attached.

April 2015 newsletter

Yard of Month recipient, calendar of events, ARC information, POD information, April agenda.

Easter Update

Easter 2015 update.pdf

March Newsletter

March 2015 news.pdf

February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015 newsletter.pdf

January Update

January 2015 update.pdf

January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 newsletter.pdf

December Update & Decorating Winners

December 2014 update.pdf

December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014 newsletter.pdf

November Update

November 2014 update.pdf

January Update

January 2015 update.pdf

January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015 newsletter.pdf

December Update & Decorating Winners

December 2014 update.pdf

December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014 newsletter.pdf

November Update

November 2014 update.pdf

November Newsletter & Halloween Contest Results

November 2014 newsletter.pdf

October Update

October 2014 update.pdf

October 2014 newsletter

October 2014 newsletter.pdf

September newsletter

September 2014 newsletter.pdf

August Update

August 2014 update.pdf

August 2014 Newsletter

August 2014 newsletter.pdf

July 2014 Update

July 2014 update.pdf

July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014 newsletter.pdf

Update - 4th of July Issue

June 2014 update Fourth of July issue.pdf

June 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 newsletter.pdf

May Update 2014

May 2014 update.pdf

May 2014 Newsletter

May 2014 newsletter.pdf

April Mid-Month Update

April 2014 update.pdf

April Newsletter

April 2014 newsletter.pdf

March Mid-Month Update

HH March 2014 update.pdf

March 2014 Newsletter

HH March 2014 newsletter.pdf

February 2014 Update

February 2014 mid month update.pdf

February 2014 Newsletter

February 2014 newsletter.pdf

January 2014 Update

HH January 2014 update.pdf

January 2014 Newsletter

HH January 2014 newsletter.pdf

Events and Activities

Upcoming Neighborhood Events
See the Hidden Hills Facebook page
(Residents Only)

 For Clubhouse Reservations check the Full Calendar link below. You will find the forms under the "Forms and Rules" heading.

 ARC Applications can be submitted to

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