Covenants & Bylaws of the
Hidden Hills Homeowners Association

These attachments contain the Covenants and Bylaws for Hidden Hills Homeowners Association, Inc. These Covenants and Bylaws apply to ALL lots in ALL phases.

Please click the links below to access the document you would like to view and/or print (adobe reader required).

ARC Guidelines

Guidelines of Architectural Review Committee requirement for various improvements/modifications to your landscape and/or the exterior of your home. Application is available under Forms..

ARC Guidelines

Amendment & Restatement of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Hidden Hills

Abridged List of Covenants (highlights) - 2 pages

This is an abridged version of the Declaration of Covenants for Hidden Hills. The Board of Directors wanted to provide a list of covenants "at a glance". This is not intended to replace the complete version, but is available as a quick checklist. The Covenants in their entirety appear elsewhere on this page.

Condensed Rules and Regulations.pdf

Covenant Enforcement Procedures

Hidden Hills is proud to be a covenant community, and believe enforcing the covenants enhances our property values and preserves the quality of our neighborhood. The procedure for enforcing covenant violations was adopted in 2008.

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Boats - ARC Definition of Screened Enclosure

The Board of Directors unanimously adopted the following language concerning boats and work vehicles: 1. BOATS - Article VIII, Section 11 of the covenants address parking of vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks, and recreational vehicles. An excerpt reads: Overnight parking of all recreational vehicles and related trailers, trucks, boats and /or sports equipment shall be in garages or appropriately screened enclosures designed or designated for such purposes and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has clarified the definition of “properly screened enclosures” and the Board of Directors has adopted the following language: Boats shall be regarded as effectively screened when no portion of the boat, trailer, or recreational equipment is visible. The maximum boat height will be limited to 8 total feet from the ground including trailer height. All boats must be screened from view by either an acceptable fence or a storage building as approved by the ARC. If any boat is greater than 6 feet in height but 8 feet or less, it must be screened by an ARC approved eight foot tall fence, or an approved storage building. Further, boats are required to be parked on a parking pad with a paved access from street/driveway to back yard.

Garbage Cans & Trash

Article VIII, Section 7 of the Covenants states “all garbage and trash shall be kept in covered containers and shall not be visible from neighboring Lots except as required for collection”, and “No container shall be left at or near the street except as necessary for pick up and disposal of trash. Once such garbage and trash has been picked up, the container shall be removed from the street area.” The Special Assessment Guidelines (#9) state “Failure to keep all garbage and trash in covered containers or leaving it visible to neighboring units other than as required for collection”. The Board of Directors has adopted the following language pertaining to garbage cans and trash: Cans or trash shall not be placed at the curb before 4:00 p.m. the day before garbage collection is scheduled to take place, and the cans shall be removed by noon the day following garbage pick-up.

Bylaws (unamended)

The bylaws explain the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors for the management and administration of the Association's affairs.


Amendments to Bylaws, 2007

Amended 03/2007 - IV.7(b) modified quorum to 20%

Amended 03/2007 - V.6(o) added to authorize Board to establish Special Assessments for covenant violations

Amended 03/2007 - V.6(p) added to authorize Board to control property rental

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Pool Rules

The pool is for the enjoyment of residents and up to two (2) invited guests. Children under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult resident. Diving, running, and horseplay not permitted. No lifeguard on duty. Pool parties are not allowed.


Reporting Violations

The following link is provided to report violations of the Hidden Hills Covenants, Bylaws or Rules to the Covenant Compliance Committee. The Committee will be responsible for verifying any violation and taking appropriate action if required.

Report Violation to:

Work Vehicles/ Over-sized Vehicles

Commercial vehicles that cannot fit in the garage with the door closed are not allowed to be kept in Hidden Hills. This rule has been in effect since 2008:

In 2008 the BOD adopted the following language and added the addenda to the HOA website, listing the violations that would result in a Special Assessment. Number four (4) on the list reads:

Parking commercial vehicles too large to fit in the garage in our subdivision. The exception would be for short term delivery to your residence (Example: carpet cleaning, furniture delivery & utility trucks). Large trucks, such as moving vans, are allowed when moving.

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